Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

You all know I can’t help but tinker with recipes, and one from Top Chef is no exception. I am a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur and these cookies I made this morning may just be the best yet. I started with the recipe at the link below on Cookie Madness from Top Chef Just Dessert contestant, Eric Wolitzky. http://www.cookiemadness.net/2010/10/top-chef-just-desserts-chocolate-chip-cookies-by-eric/

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

He melts the butter in his recipe. I severely softened the butter, but did not melt to the point of liquification. I substituted the flour with whole wheat flour and added a teaspoon of cinnamon (because everything tastes better with cinnamon!). For the chocolate, I chopped Ghirardelli dark chocolate (72%) bars and added semi-sweet chocolate chips too. I chilled the dough before baking in an attempt at thicker cookies. The results were heaven! I will definitely be making these again soon. Next time I will try substituting agave nectar (raw & amber) for the sugars to reduce the sugar content. Enjoy!

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