Wedding Envelopes 101

While many wedding formalities are becoming relaxed, addressing your wedding invitation envelopes is not one of them. Usually your wedding invitations will contain an inner envelope and an outer envelope.

8152447_origThe outer envelope should be addressed formally using guests’ full names and titles. Words in addresses should be spelled out, such as Avenue instead of Ave. The outer envelope should be addressed to both members of a married couple – for example, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. If one of the guests is a doctor, use the Dr. abbreviation for their title – for example, Dr. Anna Haney and Mr. Paul Collins.

When inviting an unmarried couple, living at the same address, use both guests’ names and titles, for example, Ms. Elizabeth Kline and Mr. Paul Tobin.

When inviting children, the outer envelope should be addressed to the parents – children will be listed on the inner envelope. Similarly, if a guest will be inviting a date, the outer envelope should be addressed to your guest only – the date will be added on the inner envelope.

The inner envelope is more casual and should include the names of everyone invited. For example, the inner envelope for Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and their son, Brad, would be addressed as Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the top line and Brad Smith on the next line. For a guest inviting a date, the inner envelope should be addressed to your guest and date, for example, Mr. Richard Ramsey and Guest.

When the inner envelope is inserted into the outer envelope, it should be unsealed with the names of the guests visible when the outer envelope is opened. All of your inserts, such as RSVP cards, will be inside the inner envelope, printed side up in order of size.

Photo and calligraphy by Calligraphy858.

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