Decorating with Pinwheels

When a bride asked for a fun, child-friendly, casual and colorful wedding, my first thought was pinwheels! The pinwheels of our childhoods have become sophisticated and can be used to bring fun and whimsy to any event. Plus, they are easy to make, inexpensive, and can fit any decor.

To make a pinwheel, you will need to start with a square piece of paper. For aisle decor, I use 12″x12″ double-sided scrapbook paper. At each corner, cut towards the center of the paper stopping about an inch from the center. Then, using a glue gun, secure every other corner to the center of the paper.

Once your 4 corners are secure, you can either use the pinwheel as a single pinwheel, or make smaller pinwheels and glue them into the center of the large pinwheel for a more detailed effect. If you don’t want the pinwheel to spin, you can glue the pinwheel onto a dowel. If you want the pinwheel to spin, secure the pinwheel to a dowel by using a pin or nail. Then you can finish the pinwheel by gluing a decorative piece into the center of the pinwheel or wrapping the dowel with ribbon. (It’s actually easier to wrap the dowel first and then attach the pinwheel).

I am thinking of using Christmas paper to make pinwheel ornaments for our tree this year, or even to use as gift tags.

Here are some pinwheels I am using for an upcoming wedding:

Pinwheel Boutonnieres for Ring Bearers
Pinwheel in baseball, grass, camouflage and popcorn paper for boys

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

You all know I can’t help but tinker with recipes, and one from Top Chef is no exception. I am a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur and these cookies I made this morning may just be the best yet. I started with the recipe at the link below on Cookie Madness from Top Chef Just Dessert contestant, Eric Wolitzky. http://www.cookiemadness.net/2010/10/top-chef-just-desserts-chocolate-chip-cookies-by-eric/

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

He melts the butter in his recipe. I severely softened the butter, but did not melt to the point of liquification. I substituted the flour with whole wheat flour and added a teaspoon of cinnamon (because everything tastes better with cinnamon!). For the chocolate, I chopped Ghirardelli dark chocolate (72%) bars and added semi-sweet chocolate chips too. I chilled the dough before baking in an attempt at thicker cookies. The results were heaven! I will definitely be making these again soon. Next time I will try substituting agave nectar (raw & amber) for the sugars to reduce the sugar content. Enjoy!


Catholic Weddings – Can I Get Married Outside?

This is the second video in the Your Catholic Wedding series, Marriage Inside the Church. It discusses why Catholic marriage takes place in the church and not outside or at a reception site and the role of the church community in your marriage.

Thank you again to Cort Peters from St. Therese of Carmel Catholic Church for sharing his knowledge and passion about Catholic marriage and Dale Gottschalk, San Diego DJ & Video, David Zumaya, Weddings at California Photography, and  Ian Grant, Distinct Weddings for all of the amazing Catholic wedding images.


Catholic Weddings – Marriage as a Sacrament

As a wedding planner, I am often asked how to get married in the Catholic Church. I created this video series about Catholic marriage to help you understand Catholic marriage and plan your wedding. This is the first video in the Your Catholic Wedding series, Marriage as a Sacrament. It discusses what a Catholic sacrament is and how marriage is celebrated as a sacrament in the Catholic Church.

Thank you to Cort Peters from St. Therese of Carmel Catholic Church for sharing his knowledge and passion about Catholic marriage and to Dale Gottschalk, San Diego DJ & Video, http://SanDiegoDJ.biz, David Zumaya, Weddings at California, http://weddingsatcalifornia.com, and Ian Grant, Distinct Weddings, http://distinctweddings.com for the amazing Catholic wedding photos taken in San Diego and Orange Counties.

If you’re planning a Catholic wedding in San Diego, I’d love to help!